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Command line interface for installing and managing IntrepidJS.
IntrepidJS is a framework based on ExpressJS that helps you to develop NodeJS's applications quickly.


  • Node.js - Download and Install Node.js.
  • MongoDB - Download and Install MongoDB.
  • Redis - Download and Install Redis.

Tools Prerequisites

  • NPM - Node.js package manage; should be installed when you install node.js.
  • Bower - Web package manager. Installing Bower is simple when you have npm:
$ npm install -g bower

Quick Install

The quickest way to get started with IntrepidJS is to install the intrepidjs-cli package from NPM.

Install IntrepidJS CLI:

$ [sudo] npm install -g intrepidjs-cli@latest
$ intrepidjs init <myApp>

Then, open a browser and go to:


More Information


The MIT License