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Intrasonics SDK

Intrasonics SDK is a Nodejs wrapper sdk to assist you with command line encoding software of intrasonics

  • The Intrasonics AV encoder allows users to insert codewords into media (audio/video) files. The user can specify which codewords they wish to insert and at what point in time within the media file they should be inserted.
  • The encoder is available on Windows, Mac, or Linux. It uses a command/terminal window and the user may specify codewords and timings using either a configuration file or by typing commands at a prompt.
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npm install intrasonics-sdk


Intrasonics SDK uses a number of open source projects to work properly:

  • npm - Essential JavaScript development tools that help you go to market faster and build powerful applications using modern open source code.
  • node.js - evented I/O for the backend
  • intrasonics - Intrasonics' audio watermarking technology uses sound to help you harness consumer interest when it matters most.


Intrasonics SDK uses resources provided by intrasonics:

  • encoding software - A Folder contains files AVFileDecoder ffmpeg ffprobe files provided by intrasonic for encoding
  • encoder token - Encoder token (with .ist suffix) used to get access provided by intrasonics

Encoder Sofware Versions used

  • Linux - LinuxAVEncoder_4.2.0
  • Mac - OSXAVEncoder_4.2.0
  • Windows - WindowsAVEncoder_1.0.7


const IntrasonicsSDK = require('intrasonics-sdk');
let intrasonicsSDK;
try {
  intrasonicsSDK = new IntrasonicsSDK({ softwareFolder: 'intrasonics', tokenPath: 'intrasonics/' });
    filePath: 'input-files/audio.mp3',
    codeword: '10001',
    outputPath: 'encoded-files/audio_encoded.mp3',
    eventEngine: true
    .then((stdout) => {
    }(err) => {
} catch (err) {

Main Constructor and Config Options

const intrasonicsSDK = IntrasonicsSDK({softwareFolder, tokenPath});

softwareFolder (string) [folder path or folder name]

  • name or path to folder which will contain AVFileDecoder ffmpeg ffprobe files i.e. Encoder Software.

tokenPath (string) [file path or file name]

  • name or path to the encoder token (with .ist suffix)

Encoder Instance Method and Config Options

await intrasonicsSDK.encode({filePath, codeword, [outputPath], [eventEngine], [time]})

filePath (string) [file path or file name]

  • file name or file path of a audio/video file to be encoded

codeword (string)

  • watermarkId/trackId that will be encoded in audio/video file

outputPath (string) [optional]

  • file name or file path to encoded/output file

eventEngine (boolean | number) [optional]

  • controls event engine 2 encoding true for on or time offset in number

time (number) [optional]

  • time in seconds where the codeword will be placed

Encoding Error

stderr (string) [optional][availabe when encode recieves error]

  • availabe when encode method gives an error


npm i intrasonics-sdk

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