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    Interactive Stateful Process

    Generic base classes and utilities for implementing server-side stateful process in React. The library is written in Typescript.

    A Process is something that is created for one or more data entities called ProcessFile in this system. Once the process is created, a ProcessHandler is searched that is willing to handle that kind of file.

    A VendorState is the JSON data structure holding the current values of various aspects of the process. An initial state is created when the process is created and it is provided by the handler willing to handle the file. In addition to the state, the initial Directions are asked from the handler. It is a description of possible ways forward from the state.

    Some other party may be intervening in this point. It is possible that directions information is sent to the UI and some additional information is collected. Once done, the new information is collected and an Action is sent back for the processing. Alternatively directions may contain directly an action to execute next, in which case process continues immediately.

    The iteration continues until an error happens or the handler recognizes the state as successful (or failed) completion.


    Launch the demo database

    docker-compose  up -d

    and demo server

    yarn demo

    Database can be accessed using

    psql test:pass@localhost/test




    npm i interactive-stateful-process

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