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interaction-timeout creates a timeout object that will call a user-supplied function when the user has not interacted with the document for a given period of time. Useful for creating screensaver and attractors in exhibition/kiosk installations.

Compatibility notes: interaction-timeout uses event capturing and is therefore not compatible with IE < 9.

Install it

npm install --save interaction-timeout

There's also a UMD build in the build directory.

Require it

var interactionTimeout = require('interaction-timeout');

If you're using the UMD build the exported symbol is interactionTimeout.


var timer = interactionTimeout(fn, delay, [events])

Create a timer that will call fn after delay seconds of user inactivity. Newly created timers are idle, that is they will not begin to generate callbacks until either start() or startOnInteraction() is called.

events is an optional list of DOM events which should be considered as user interaction; defaults to ['mousedown', 'touchstart'].


Start the timer immediately. The timer's callback will fire after its delay has elapsed if no user interaction has occurred in the intervening period. Each user interaction resets the timer, rescheduling it for delay milliseconds in the future.


Schedule the timer to start on the next user interaction. This is useful for attractor screens on exhibits where the user must touch to activate.


Stop the timer and prevent the callback from being fired.

Copyright & License

© 2015 Jason Frame [ @jaz303 / ]

Released under the ISC license.