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    The Inter Typeface (npm distribution)

    The CSS and web font files to easily self-host the Inter font family created by Rasmus Andersson.

    This repository is just a means of more easily distributing the font. It tracks the releases of the main inter repository as best as I am able.

    At present it only contains the woff and woff2 formats. As a result it supports versions of Chrome 5; Safari 5.1; Firefox 3.6; Opera 11.5; IE 9; Android 4.4; iOS 5.1 and above.

    SCSS files are also available for use with the Sass preprocessor. The font-display property can be overridden by setting $inter-font-display to a valid font-display value before importing the desired .scss file.

    Quick start

    npm install --save inter-ui

    Add the following to your SCSS

    @use "~inter-ui/default" with (
      $inter-font-display: swap,
      $inter-font-path: '~inter-ui/Inter (web)'
    @use "~inter-ui/variable" with (
      $inter-font-display: swap,
      $inter-font-path: '~inter-ui/Inter (web)'
    @include default.all;
    @include variable.all;
    html { font-family: "Inter", "system-ui"; }
    @supports (font-variation-settings: normal) {
      html { font-family: "Inter var", "system-ui"; }

    Note: If you're using the Apache web server to serve the font files, you will have to adapt its configuration to make it serve variable fonts as expected. This is because the font files contain .var. in their name, which causes Apache to interpret those files in a special way (and will result in a 500 Internal Server Error by default).

    Modular imports

    To avoid having to import all "font faces". You can also use only some of them via SCSS.

    If you only want 400 and 700 you can specify exactly this.

    @use "~inter-ui/default" as inter-ui with (
    	$inter-font-path: "~inter-ui/Inter (web latin)"
    @include inter-ui.weight-400;
    @include inter-ui.weight-700;

    Note that this @use syntax is not currently supported in the node-sass or ruby sass implementations. We recommend using the primary sass implementation 'dart sass'.


    There are several versions you can choose from. To use them with the modules, just change the $inter-font-path to e.g. Inter (web hinted)

    Hinted vs Unhinted

    As detailed in the main repo:

    Inter font files comes in two versions:

    1. "unhinted" -- Without TrueType hints (the default)
    2. "hinted" -- With TrueType hints

    The TrueType hints are used by ClearType on Windows machines where ClearType is enabled. This usually changes the appearance of the fonts and can in some cases increase the legibility of text.

    Additionally, hints are little computer programs that takes up considerable disk space, meaning that font files with hints are larger than those without hints. This might be a consideration when using web fonts.


    If you only need support for the latin characters. Then you can use this version. The normal Inter (web) version average filesize is between 150kb and 100kb, the reduced latin version is on average 30kb per font.

    This was generated using glyphhanger. See package.json for the build script.


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