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    An intent parser designed for Project Abigail.


    This intent parser uses pattern matching. The parsing operates in 3 different stages:

    • Cleaning
    • Parsing
    • Refining

    All of these stages are promises based to make it possible to handle asynchronous code, although at the moment all the code is synchronous.


    In order to ease the writing of new patterns, a cleaning step takes place. It aims at reducing the complexity of sentences while preserving their meanings.

    Consider the following phrases:

    Hey, can you please let me know when am I free?
    Can you please let me know when I'm free?
    Please let me know when I'm free.

    They all can be simplified to:

    Let me know when I am free.

    It becomes easier to write new patterns without worrying about supporting things like contractions (I'm and I am). Only the full forms (I am) are retained and should be used in patterns.


    The parsing and refining philosophy was inspired by Chrono.

    The parsing attempts to identify semantical components of the phrase. Several passes are applied successively. Each of these passes have a single focus and try to extract things like temporal notions, people or actions.

    During that phase the logic is kept to a minimum.


    The refining phase attempts to make sense out of the elements extracted during the parsing.

    If a person, a time and an action were extracted from a sentence, it is probably a request for creating a new reminder.

    On the other hand, if only a person and a time were extracted and the input looks like a question then it is likely a query about someone's activity.


    $ npm run build

    Unit tests

    $ npm test


    npm i intent-parser

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