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A simple Node.js-based command-line client to the Intellinote REST API.


Via npm

intellinote-cli is deployed as an npm module under the name intellinote-cli. Hence you can install a pre-packaged version with the command:

npm install -g intellinote-cli

Omit the -g part to install the module "locally" (in the current working directory).

Once installed, the command intellinote should be available in your node_modules/.bin directory.

For use as a library

You can use intellinote-cli within your Node.js module by adding a line like:

"intellinote-cli": "latest"

to the dependencies or devDependencies part of your package.json file.

From source

The source code and documentation for intellinote-cli is available on GitHub at intellinote/intellinote-cli. You can clone the repository via:

git clone

Once the code is obtain, you can run:

make install bin

to install any dependencies and build the executeable script.

Once installed, the command intellinote should be available in the intellinote-cli/bin directory.



Invoke intellinote with the command line parameter --help for a quick usage summary:

$ ./bin/intellinote --help
USE: intellinote login|logout|(GET|POST|PUT|PATCH|DELETE|HEAD <URL> [<BODY>])

"Raw" API calls

intellinote-cli provides a simple way to invoke Intellinote's REST API using the following form:

intellinote <HTTP-VERB> <PATH> [<BODY>]

For example, the following command invokes the REST method /v2.0/ping (which returns a timestamp):

$ ./bin/intellinote GET /v2.0/ping"


Before you can use intellinote-cli you must authenticate to Intellinote using the login command.

intellinote-cli ask you for your username and password and then use the OAuth2 protocol to exchange those credentials for an "access token"

$ ./bin/intellinote login
Password? ********

intellinote-cli does NOT store your username and password. It does however store the access token value in a file located at $HOME/.intellinote. In a limited sense, that access token can be used much like a password. You should keep that file secure.


Invoking intellinote logout will remove all log-in information from the configuration file at $HOME/.intellinote. You will need to log in again to access your Intellinote data.


The intellinote-cli library and related documentation are made available under an MIT License. For details, please see the file LICENSE.txt in the root directory of the repository.

How to contribute

Your contributions, bug reports and pull-requests are greatly appreciated.

We're happy to accept any help you can offer, but the following guidelines can help streamline the process for everyone.

  • You can report any bugs at

    • We'll be able to address the issue more easily if you can provide an demonstration of the problem you are encountering. The best format for this demonstration is a failing unit test (like those found in ./test/), but your report is welcome with or without that.
  • Our preferred channel for contributions or changes to the source code and documentation is as a Git "patch" or "pull-request".

    • If you've never submitted a pull-request, here's one way to go about it:

      1. Fork or clone the repository.
      2. Create a local branch to contain your changes (git checkout -b my-new-branch).
      3. Make your changes and commit them to your local repository.
      4. Create a pull request as described here.
    • If you'd rather use a private (or just non-GitHub) repository, you might find these generic instructions on creating a "patch" with Git helpful.

  • If you are making changes to the code please ensure that the unit test suite still passes.

  • If you are making changes to the code to address a bug or introduce new features, we'd greatly appreciate it if you can provide one or more unit tests that demonstrate the bug or exercise the new feature.

Please Note: We'd rather have a contribution that doesn't follow these guidelines than no contribution at all. If you are confused or put-off by any of the above, your contribution is still welcome. Feel free to contribute or comment in whatever channel works for you.


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