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    SOAP adapter for Integreat

    Adapter that lets Integreat use a SOAP service.

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    Getting started


    Requires node v8.6 and Integreat v0.7.

    Installing and using

    Install from npm:

    npm install integreat-adapter-soap

    Example of use:

    const integreat = require('integreat')
    const soapAdapter = require('integreat-adapter-soap')
    const defs = require('./config')
    const resources = integreat.mergeResources(
      { adapters: { soap: soapAdapter() } }
    const great = integreat(defs, resources)
    // ... and then dispatch actions as usual

    Example source configuration:

      id: 'store',
      adapter: 'soap',
      auth: 'soapAuth',
      options: {
        baseUri: '',
        soap: { version: '1.1', xsiPrefix: 'i' }
      endpoints: [
        { options: { uri: '/getDocuments' } }

    The soapAuth referenced here should be a valid auth object, relevant for this SOAP service.

    An optional logger may be provided to the soapAdapter() function, to log out the request sent to the service, and its response. The logger must be an object with an info() and an error() function. Both should accept a string message as first argument, and a meta object as the second.

    You may also override the SOAPAction by setting another namespace for it with soapActionNamespace or by replacing it entirely with soapAction. Both should be set on the options object.

    Set xsiPrefix on options.soap to override the default xsi namespace (the default is xsi).

    Available endpoint options:

    • uri: The uri to send requests to for this endpoint.
    • baseUri: An option base uri prepended to uri.
    • soap.version: The SOAP version of the service. Default is 1.1.
    • retries: Number of times to retry a request. Default is 0.
    • timeout: Milliseconds to wait until a request is timed out. Default is 120000.

    Running the tests

    The tests can be run with npm test.


    Please read CONTRIBUTING for details on our code of conduct, and the process for submitting pull requests.


    This project is licensed under the ISC License - see the LICENSE file for details.




    npm i integreat-adapter-soap

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