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CouchDB and Cloudant support for Integreat

Adapter and authentication strategies to let Integreat use CouchDb and Cloudant as sources.

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Getting started


Requires node v8.6 and Integreat v0.6.

Installing and using

Install from npm:

npm install integreat-adapter-couchdb

Example of use:

const integreat = require('integreat')
const couchdb = require('integreat-adapter-couchdb')
const defs = require('./config')

const resources = couchdb(integreat.resources())
const great = integreat(defs, resources)

// ... and then dispatch actions as usual

The couchdb() function adds the adapter couchdb and the authentication strategy couchdb to the resources object, but you still need to configure your source to use these.

Example source configuration:

  id: 'store',
  adapter: 'couchdb',
  auth: 'couchdb',
  baseUri: '',
  endpoints: {
    get: {uri: '/_design/store/_view/by_type_updatedAt?include_docs=true&startkey=["{type}"{updatedAfter|wrap(\\,",")?}]&endkey=["{type}",\\{\\}]', path: 'rows[].doc'},
    getOne: '/{id}',
    set: {uri: '/_bulk_docs', path: 'docs[]', method: 'POST'},
    setOne: '/{id}'
  mappings: {
    '*': {}

The baseUri is required with the couchdb adapter, as it is used to generate an endpoint for getting _rev for existing documents. The baseUri should include the host and the database name, so that it can append _all_docs directly after. Ending / is optional.

It's also important that the path on each endpoint points to items, as the couchdb adapter will override normalize and serialize methods to alter the items. These overrides is based on the path pointing to the actual items.

Other than that, these endpoints are examples of a typical way to configure a CouchDb database as a store for Integreat.

Note that the get endpoint uses a view returning all documents with an array of type and updatedAt as key. This is a better way of returning all documents of a type than filtering the results from /_all_docs. Here's an example of such a view:

  "views": {
    "by_type_updatedAt": {
      "map": "function (doc) { emit([doc.type, doc.updatedAt], null); }"

Finally, authorization might be configured like this:

  id: 'couchdb',
  strategy: 'couchdb',
  options: {
    uri: process.env.COUCHDB_URL,
    key: process.env.COUCHDB_KEY,
    secret: process.env.COUCHDB_PASSWORD

Running the tests

The tests can be run with npm test.


Please read CONTRIBUTING for details on our code of conduct, and the process for submitting pull requests.


This project is licensed under the ISC License - see the LICENSE file for details.

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