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This library is under construction! Expect major breaking changes.

Widgeter is a command-line tool that helps you build a system of flat JS widgets.

Let's say we want to make a poll template. Here's our poll project folder:


poll.js contains the code for injecting the poll onto a page:

  var INSTANCE_DATA = require('instance_data');
  function Poll($cont, data){
    // etc. code to insert a polling widget at $cont
  new Poll($('#poll'), INSTANCE_DATA);

And best_movie.json is an instance configuration. It defines, for examples, the vote options for ONE instance of the poll:

    "options": ["Inception", "The Dark Knight", "Interstellar"]

When you run wid build gop_debate, widgeter creates a bundle at src/instances/best_movie/poll.best_movie.js.

In this bundle, the variable INSTANCE_DATA now resolves to the parsed contents of best_movie.json.

So now you can use <script src="/path/to/your/system/poll/src/instances/poll.best_movie.js"> anywhere on your site.

Now suppose you have a second and third poll in your instances/ folder. Running wid build from anywhere inside the poll folder will rebuild all the poll instances.

This allows you to instantly rebuild all the instances if you modify the template.



Build a single instance, or all the instances of a project, or all the instances of every project.


Alias for build, except -w flag is turned on.


List all the instance names of a single project