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a simple utitlity to encode and decode ints from a predefined alphabet

this includes support for big integers via

some good uses of this utility include:

  • reducing the number of characters required to express a numerical value
  • interpreting numerical values expressed in unconventional bases/alphabets

some bad uses of this utility include:

  • number obfuscation


npm install int-encoder
var encoder = require('int-encoder')
encoder.encode(12345678) // "ZXP0" 
encoder.decode('ZXP0') // 12345678 
//invoke custom alphabet option 
encoder.alphabet('0123456789abcdef') // hex alphabet 
encoder.encode(255) // "ff" 
encoder.decode('ff') // 255 
//check what alphabet is being used 
encoder.alphabet() // 0123456789abcdef 
//convert big hex number using optional base argument 
encoder.encode('e6c6b53d3c8160b22dad35a0f705ec09', 16) // 'hbDcW9aE89tzLYjDgyzajJ' 
encoder.decode('hbDcW9aE89tzLYjDgyzajJ', 16) // 'e6c6b53d3c8160b22dad35a0f705ec09'