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    inSubnet (v0.0.8)

    Install: npm install insubnet

    This project is Unlicensed. In other words, I don't care what you do with it. However, if you make something interesting, I would like to check it out. I'm also accepting pull requests.

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    IPv4 Address Notation Support:

    • Dotted decimal (
    • Dotted hexadecimal (0xC0.0x00.0x02.0xEB)
    • Dotted octal (0301.0250.0002.0353)
    • Hexadecimal (0xC00002EB)
    • Decimal (3221226219)
    • Octal (030000001353)


    Examples in `./examples/` folder.
    inSubnet.Auto(ip, subnet[, prefix length]) - Check to find out if <ip> is in <subnet>. Works with IPv4 and IPv6. Returns boolean.
         Examples: inSubnet.Auto('',''); // true
                   inSubnet.Auto('','','16'); // true
                   inSubnet.Auto('16909060',''); // true
                   inSubnet.Auto('16909060','16908288/16'); // true
                   inSubnet.Auto('2400:cb00::123','2400:cb00::/32'); // true
                   inSubnet.Auto('','','16'); // false
    inSubnet.IPv4(ip, subnet[, prefix length]) - Same as "Auto()" but for IPv4 only. - Returns boolean.
         Examples: See "Auto()" examples.
    inSubnet.IPv4Dec(decimal, subnet[, prefix length]) - Same as "Auto()" but for IPv4 only. - Returns boolean.
         Examples: See "Auto()" examples.
    inSubnet.IPv6(ip, subnet[, prefix length]) - Same as "Auto()" but for IPv6 only. - Returns boolean.
         Examples: inSubnet.IPv6('2400:cb00::123','2400:cb00::/32'); // true
                   inSubnet.IPv6('2400:cb00::123','2400:cb00::','32'); // true
                   inSubnet.IPv6('2500:cb00::123','2400:cb00::','32'); // false
    inSubnet.isIP(string) - Check if <string> is an IP address. Works for IPv6 and IPv4. - Returns boolean.
         Examples: inSubnet.isIP(""); // true
                   inSubnet.isIP("afd::1"); // true
                   inSubnet.isIP("asd::1"); // false
    inSubnet.isIPv4(string) - Same as "isIP()" but for IPv4 only. - Returns boolean.
         Examples: inSubnet.isIPv4(""); // true
                   inSubnet.isIPv4(""); // false
    inSubnet.isDecimal(string) - Same as "isIP()" but for IPv4 decimal notation only. - Returns boolean.
         Examples: inSubnet.isDecimal("16909060"); // true
                   inSubnet.isDecimal("a16909060"); // false
    inSubnet.isIPv6(string) - Same as "isIP()" but for IPv6 only. - Returns boolean.
         Examples: inSubnet.isIPv6("adf::1"); // true
                   inSubnet.isIPv6("asf::1"); // false
    inSubnet.Expand(ipv6[, zero]) - Expands an IPv6.
                                    If <zero> is true, use single zeros. - Returns IPv6 or false.
         Examples: inSubnet.Expand("afd::1"); // 0afd:0000:0000:0000:0000:0000:0000:0001
                   inSubnet.Expand("2001:4860:4860::8888"); // 2001:4860:4860:0000:0000:0000:0000:8888
                   inSubnet.Expand("afd::1",true); // afd:0:0:0:0:0:0:1
                   inSubnet.Expand("asd::1"); // false
    inSubnet.Validate(ip[, subnets[, no update]]) - Check <ip> or an Array of IPs against an array of subnets set by "setSubnets()".
                                       If <subnets> is passed, uses "setSubnets()". If <no update> is true, do not call "setSubnets()".
                                       Returns boolean or an Array of boolean.
         Examples: inSubnet.Validate('',['','adf::1/32']);  // true
                   inSubnet.Validate('2130706433'); // true - Uses previously set subnets.
                   inSubnet.Validate(['','','adf::1']); // [true,false,true] - Uses previously set subnets.
                   inSubnet.Validate(['','','adf::1'],['']); // [true,false,false] - Overwrite previously set subnets.
    *inSubnet.Filter(array[, subnets[, no update]]) - Filter an Array of IP addresses against subnets set with "setSubnets()".
                                        If <subnets> is passed, uses "setSubnets()". If <no update> is true, do not call "setSubnets()".
                                        Returns IP or false, Array of valid IPs.
         Examples: inSubnet.Filter(['','adf::1',''],['','adf::1/32']); // ['','adf::1']
                   inSubnet.Filter('',['','adf::1/32']); //
                   inSubnet.Filter('adf::1',[''],true); // true - Uses previously set subnets.
                   inSubnet.Filter('adf::1',['']); // false - Overwrite previously set subnets.
                   inSubnet.Filter('',['','adf::1/32']); // false
    *inSubnet.Clean(array[, filter[, sort]]) - Filter an array of IPs/subnets and return only valid IPs. Used in "setSubnets()".
                                              <filter> is the function to pass to "Array.filter()".
                                              <sort> is the function to pass to "Array.sort()" - Returns Object or false.
                                              NOTE: "Array.filter()" and "Array.sort()" are ran LAST after validating and expanding.
         Examples: inSubnet.Clean(['','']); // {ipv4:['',''],ipv6:[]}
                   inSubnet.Clean(['','adf::1']); // {ipv4:[''],ipv6:['0adf:0000:0000:0000:0000:0000:0000:0001']}
                   inSubnet.Clean(['adf::1','::1']); // {ipv4:[],ipv6:['0000:0000:0000:0000:0000:0000:0000:0001','0adf:0000:0000:0000:0000:0000:0000:0001']}
                   inSubnet.Clean(['not an IP','subnet/23','asd::1']); // false
    *inSubnet.setSubnets(subnets) - Set a list of subnets for "Validate()" and "Filter()".
                                   WARNING: Overrides all previous "setSubnets()" calls. - Returns boolean.
         Examples: inSubnet.setSubnets(["","::1/32"]); // true
                   inSubnet.setSubnets(["not","subnets","subnet/32"]); // false
    *Only supports IPv4 dotted decimal notation and IPv6.


    • Figure out what should be in the TODO and then write it! (Done!?)
    • Write a better README! (Is this happening?)
    • Write a simple HTTP example for CloudFlare. (Look in ./examples/cloudflare.js)
    • Make "Exporter" better.

    Functionality Requests:

    • *Add support for IPv6 dotted notation. (::

    • Add support for more IPv4 notations. See "IPv4 Address Notation Support" above.

      *I probably wont get to this any time soon... Sorry for those who need/want it. Please feel free to submit a pull request.


    npm i insubnet

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