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Instapaper API

Node.js client for the Instapaper API.

Work in progress!


$ npm i instapaper

Quick example

var Instapaper = require('instapaper');
var client     = Instapaper(CONSUMER_KEY, CONSUMER_SECRET);
client.setUserCredentials(USERNAME, PASSWORD);
// Load a list of bookmarks using promises... 
client.bookmarks.list().then(function(bookmarks) {
  console.log('%j', bookmarks);
}).catch(function(err) {
  console.warn('oh noes', err);
// ...or regular callbacks 
client.bookmarks.list(function(err, bookmarks) {
  if (err) return console.warn('oh noes', err);
  console.log('%j', bookmarks);


The Instapaper API uses xAuth, which requires that you first register for API usage here. When your registration has been approved, you will receive a "consumer key" and "consumer secret", which you pass to the Instapaper constructor (see below).

You also need either:

  • a username and password belonging to the user on whose behalf you want to manage Instapaper;
  • or, an OAuth token and secret from a previous authentication round.

You should never store the username/password locally. Instead, after you've used them to get an OAuth token/secret pair, use those instead.



var client = Instapaper(CONSUMER_KEY : String, CONSUMER_SECRET : String[, OPTIONS : Object]);

OPTIONS is an optional object that may contain the following properties:

apiUrl   : String // Instapaper API URL prefix (default: '')
logLevel : String // log level                 (default: 'info')


Set user credentials

client.setUserCredentials(USERNAME : String, PASSWORD : String) : client

Set OAuth credentials

client.setOAuthCredentials(TOKEN : String, SECRET : String) : client


client.authenticate() : Promise

All regular API methods call this method implicitly. However, if you want to retrieve the OAuth credentials you can use this method to do so:

client.authenticate().then(function(oauth) {
  // { token : '...', secret : '...' }

Verify credentials

This can be used to verify that authenticating as the user was successful.

client.verifyCredentials() : Promise

Bookmarks management

Please refer to the API documentation for valid parameters and response formats.

client.bookmarks.list(PARAMS)           : Promise
client.bookmarks.delete(BOOKMARK_ID)    : Promise      : Promise
client.bookmarks.unstar(BOOKMARK_ID)    : Promise
client.bookmarks.archive(BOOKMARK_ID)   : Promise
client.bookmarks.unarchive(BOOKMARK_ID) : Promise

Folder management


Terms of use

Please read the Instapaper API Terms of Use before using this API client.


Robert Klep <>