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    instant-mock is a quick and easy web API mock server.

    Installing globally

    Installation via npm:

    npm install -g instant-mock


    mkdir mymock
    cd mymock
    instant-mock init

    You can open http://localhost:3000 to view the instant-mock web console.

    All mock API is mounted on http://localhost:3000/mock. Please try GET to http://localhost:3000/mock/users by curl or web browser. It is sample mock API created by instant-mock init.


    Servce configuration is wrote on server.yml

      host: localhost
      port: 3000
      host: localhost
      port: 3010

    Creating your mocks

    API definition

    You can create mock definition file to mock directory. Mock API URL is auto generated by directory path. mock/api-name/@METHOD is mapped to METHOD: http://localhost:3000/mock/api-name METHOD can use get/post/put/patch/delete.

    If you need route parameters, can use PARAM directory. mock/api-name/$id/@get is mapped to GET: http://localhost:3000/mock/api-name/:id

    Request parser

    Request for mock is parsed by user definition parser file. User definition parser file name start with "parser-" and format is yaml or js.

    Try create a parser file below, and access to http://localhost:3000/mock/books after restart the instant-mock.


    status: 200                   # Response status code.
    headers:                      # Response headers.
      Content-Type: application/text
    rawBody: 'test body'          # Response body.

    Define the response body to other file

    You can define response body to a any file.


      "key": "value"


    status: 200
      Content-Type: application/json
    body: 'body.json'    # Response body file.

    Change a reponse by request

    Parser file can define multiple resonse for switing by request. Define request parsing rule to if, and response to then.

    Try create a parser file below, and access to http://localhost:3000/mock/books/:id after restart the instant-mock. If :id is "1" then response body is "user 1", and if it is "3" then response is 404.


    - if:
          id: 1
        rawBody: 'book 1'
    - if:
          id: 2
        rawBody: 'book 2'
    - then:
        status: 404

    if is can use params/query/body, and it is "and" condition.

    • params: Route parameter.
    • query: Query string parameter.
    • body: Parsed json body parameter.

    Advanced parser

    YAML format parser is support simple rule only. Use a js parser if you need more advanced rules.


    exports.default = function (req) {
      return {
        status: 200,
        headers: {
          'content-type': 'application/text',
        rawBody: 'your book is ' + req.params.id,

    Web console

    You can open http://localhost:3000 to view the instant-mock web console. Web console can change parser, and show mock api access logs.

    Web console


    npm i instant-mock

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