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WPGulp WordPress Gulp

WordPress Gulp Workflow

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WPGulp (WordPress Gulp)
🎯 An advanced & extensively documented Gulp WordPress workflow. Kick start a build-workflow for your WordPress plugins and themes with Gulp.
A FOSS (Free & Open Source Software) project. Maintained by @AhmadAwais.

📦 WPGulp Can Do THAT™

WPGulp is an advanced & extensively documented Gulp.js + WordPress workflow. It can help you kick start a build-workflow for your WordPress plugins and themes with Gulp.js, save you a lot of grunt work time, follow the DRY (Don't Repeat Yourself) principle, and #0CJS Zero-config JavaScript startup but still configurable via wpgulp.config.js file. It is:

  • 🥞 Versioned ✓
  • 🤠 Updatable ✓
  • 🗃 Set of sane-defaults ✓


  • Live reload browser with BrowserSync
  • Hotloading styles with CSS Injection


  • Sass to CSS conversion
  • Merging media queries
  • Error handling
  • Auto-prefixing
  • Minification
  • Sourcemaps

🌋 JavaScript

  • Concatenation,
  • Minification/uglification,
  • Separate vendor and custom JS files handling


  • Minification/optimization of images
  • File types: .png, .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .svg


  • Generates .pot translation file for i18n and l10n


  • For changes in files to recompile
  • File types: .css, .html, .php, .js


Getting Started

⚡️ Quick Overview

Run step #1, #2, and #3 quickly in one go — Run inside local WP install's theme/plugin folder E.g. /wp.local/wp-content/plugins/your-plugin or /wp.local/wp-content/themes/your-theme directory.

# 1— Install WPGulp in your WordPress theme/plugin. 
npx install-wpgulp
# 2— Now configure variables inside the `wpgulp.config.js` file. 
# 3— Start your npm build workflow. 
npm start

(npx comes with npm 5.2+ and higher, see instructions for older npm versions)

🎛 If you want to study the detailed installation of step #1 , #2, and #3 — then take a look at the steps below.

STEP #0 — Don't have Node.js + npm installed? Read this. (CLICK TO EXPAND!)

In case you are an absolute beginner to the world of Node.js, JavaScript, and npm packages — all you need to do is go to the Node's site download + install Node on your system. This will install both Node.js and npm, i.e., node package manager — the command line interface of Node.js.

You can verify the install by opening your terminal app and typing...

node -v
# Results into v9.1.0 — make sure you have Node >= 8 installed. 
npm -v
# Results into 5.6.0 — make sure you have npm >= 5.3 installed. 

STEP #1 — Download the Required Files

  1. In the terminal go to the root folder of your WordPress plugin/theme
  2. Run the following command to download all the files in the WPGulp/src folder

It'll take a couple of minutes to install.

npx install-wpgulp

(npx comes with npm 5.2+ and higher, see instructions for older npm versions)

wpgulp install gif

⚠️ I'm assuming that there are no previously present similar files in the root of your folder. Otherwise, you need to merge these very carefully. E.g. You can include the scripts, devDependencies in your current pacakge.json file and so on for other files. If you run the above command all similar files will be overwritten.

STEP #2 — Editing the Project Variables

Configure the project paths and other variables inside the wpgulp.config.js file. This is a compulsory step.

wpgulp config

STEP #3 — Start your project

Once the installation is done, you can open your project (WordPress plugin/theme) folder and run the start script.

npm start
# To stop press CTRL (⌃) + C 

wpgulp start

OPTIONAL STEP #4 — More Scripts/Tasks

To optimize images and generate WP POT translation file, or generate a RTL stylesheet you can run the following commands

# To optimize images 
gulp images
# To generate WP POT translation file. 
gulp translate
# To generate RTL stylesheets and Sourcemap. 
gulp stylesRTL


How to Update?

  1. Download all the latest files in the WPGulp/src folder inside the root folder of your WordPress plugin/theme by running npx install-wpgulp it will overwrite all the wpgulp files.
  2. Open terminal and Install WPGulp's node dependencies by running the npm install commands in the root folder of your WordPress plugin/theme.



Read what's 📦 new, 👌 improved, 🐛 fixed, and if 📖 docs got updated.

👉 Go read the entire changelog at this link — WPGulp Changelog →

Nothing's ever complete, so bear with us while we keep iterating towards a better future.

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License & Attribution

MIT © Ahmad Awais.

This project is inspired by the work of many awesome developers especially those who contribute to this project, Gulp.js, Babel, and many other dependencies as listed in the package.json file. FOSS (Free & Open Source Software) for the win.

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