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Warning: this module is currently in a dirty-hack stage.

Install all dependencies require'd within your JS code without needing a package.json. Intended for quick and dirty prototyping.


  • Copy and paste code and run it (almost) immediately.
  • Throw together scratch code without having to set up a package.json.
  • Be lazy


npm install -g install-requires


Recursively walk through all dependencies in a js file and install any that are missing:

install-requires mycode.js

You can also include multiple js files:

install-requires mycode.js mycode2.js mycode3.js

Features wanted

  • print the dependencies that are being installed
  • option to --save or --save-dev when a package.json exists:
  • don't be a dirty hack

It's a dirty hack

Currently this abuses browserify and installify to get the job done. This should be written in a more dignified way, but works as is for now.