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    🖼️ Instafeed-Lite

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    A dead simple way to get data from Instagram (inspired by Instafeed.js)

    An Instagram friendly API URL and/or the data it returns. No {{templating}}.

    🎁️ My suggestion is to use the buildUrl function with your options and fetch however you see fit.

    😑️ If you do not want to do that, then you can use the default in this package (isomorphic-unfetch).

    🤷️ And if you really don't want to do anything with the code, feel free to use react-instafeed which wraps this for react.

    🚨️ Instagram is shutting down its current API in 2020. 🚨️

    Read more here. Instagram Graph API is their new solution, which right now only is enabled for Business Accounts.

    Support for Non-Business Profiles [FUTURE]: Basic permissioning for non-business profiles will be supported in early 2019.

    Currently we are still using the v1 endpoints. (No real plan to move to Graph until Non-Business Profiles are ready.)

    👩‍💻️ Install:

    yarn add instafeed-lite



    const options = {
      accessToken: 'access...',
      clientId: 'client...',
      get: 'user', // popular, user
      locationId: null,
      resolution: 'standard_resolution', // thumbnail, low_resolution, standard_resolution
      sortBy: 'none', // none, least-commented, least-liked, least-recent, most-commented, most-liked, most-recent, random
      tagName: null,
      userId: 123,


    import { buildUrl } from 'instafeed-lite'
    const instagramUrl = buildUrl(options)


    import instafeed from 'instafeed-lite'
    const data = instafeed(options)

    📓️ Notes:

    Again, just use buildUrl and handle your own loading.


    • limit - Maximum number of Images to add. (max: 60)
    • resolution - Size of the images to get. Available options are:
      • low_resolution - 320x320
      • standard_resolution - 640x640
      • thumbnail (default) - 150x150
    • sortBy - Sort the images in a set order. Available options are:
      • least-commented - Lowest # of comments to highest.
      • least-liked - Lowest # likes to highest.
      • least-recent - Oldest to newest.
      • most-commented - Highest # of comments to lowest.
      • most-liked - Highest # of likes to lowest.
      • most-recent - Newest to oldest.
      • none (default) - As they come from Instagram.
      • random - Random order.

    Further Documentation

    🙌 Props

    Super props to the Instafeed, Instagram, and React teams.

    ❤️ "Legal"

    This software is provided as-is, and all that usually lovely stuff.


    npm i instafeed-lite

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