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InsightMaker is a library that lets you use the Insight Maker API ( on your Node.js projects. By installing you will be able to execute the IM models and get the results on your server or client-side Node.js project in the same way of Insight Maker (IM) application does.


npm i insightmaker

Basic Examples

All the API methods are asynchronous.

Exemple using a basic Node script

const Im = require('insightmaker')

const getModelResults = async filePath => {
    try {
        const model = await Im.loadModelFromFile(filePath)
        return await Im.runModel(model)
    } catch (e) {

getModelResults('./Example.InsightMaker').then(results => {

Example using async methods when browser file uploaded

// Importing the IM NPM package before using it
import Im from 'insightmaker'

// Loading model by uploaded file via browser
const model = await Im.loadModelFromFile(file)

// Run the model and attibute the results into a constant
const results = await Im.runModel(model)



Name Params Type Description
clearModel Clean the whole loaded model
createPrimitive name, type, position, size integer Creates a new primitive and adds it to the model. The types can be can be: “Stock”, “Flow”, “Link”, “Text”, “Button”, “Picture”, “Converter”, “Variable” or Array of string.
findAll Returns all primitives of a specific type. They can be: “Stock”, “Flow”, “Link”, “Text”, “Button”, “Picture”, “Converter”, “Variable” or Array of string.
findID primitiveId integer Returns a primitive by its given ID.
getData converter SimpleNode Given a converter or an array of Converters, it gets the data of a converter.
getID imPrimitive SimpleNode Given a primitive, it gets the id of the passed primitive.
getName imPrimitive SimpleNode Given a primitive, it gets the name of the passed primitive.
getType imPrimitive SimpleNode Given a primitive, it gets the type of the passed primitive.
getValue imPrimitive SimpleNode Given a primitive, it gets the value of the passed primitive.
loadModelFromFile file File/string Loads the exported IM models from file (Learn more about export IM files)
loadModel fileContent string Loads the exported IM models from file content
runModel model Object
setValue imPrimitive, value SimpleNode, any Given a primitive, it sets the primitive value.
setTimeLength timeLength integer Sets the length of the simulation.
setTimeStep timeStep string Sets the time units of the simulation. The units could be: "Seconds", "Minutes", "Days", "Years".
setTimeUnits units integer The time step to be used in the simulation.

Exporting IM File

To get the model file from IM website and use it in your project go to Share -> Export -> Download Insight Maker File. The download must be started automatically and you can use by the command loadModelFromFile or get its content and load it by loadModel Note: If you have the file as part of your project and have the Node FS, then you can pass the file path that will be read when loading.

Export file


npm i insightmaker

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