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InsertAt - A simple mixin

InsertAt is a very simple mixin for Underscore. The idea is to provide you with an easy way to insert items into an array at a specific index. This was something I threw together for some of my work on SPIN and thought I'd share it.


The function is easy enough to use.

var a = ['figs', 'ash', 'oreo'];
= _.insertAt(a, 'mooch', 2);
console.log(a); // ['figs', 'ash', 'mooch', 'oreo'] 

If you don't want to use Underscore (weirdo), you can just call the function insertAt().

A Few Points

  • If you try to insert at a position larger than the array, the item will be added to the end of the array
  • If the first item you pass in isn't an array, the function will return false


To run tests, make sure you run

npm install

from within the directory to install development dependencies. Then run the following:

make test