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InsertAt - A simple mixin

InsertAt is a very simple functional method for adding items at a specific point in an array. This was something I threw together for some of my work on and thought I'd share it.


The function is easy enough to use.

let a = ['figs', 'ash', 'oreo'];
let a2 = insertAt(a, 'mooch', 2);
console.log(a2); // ['figs', 'ash', 'mooch', 'oreo']

A Few Points

  • If you try to insert at a position larger than the array, the item will be added to the end of the array
  • The method will always return an array, even if you pass in an object literal


To run tests, make sure you run

  npm install

from within the directory to install development dependencies. Then run the following:

  npm test