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Inline SVG

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Takes an inline <img> with an SVG as its source and swaps it for an inline <svg> so you can manipulate the style of it with CSS/JS etc.

How to use

Add the Inline SVG script to your page and initialise the script. You can currently pass three options to the script: svgSelector and initClass. If these are left out the script will use the defaults.

<script src="inlineSVG.min.js"></script>
  svgSelector: 'img.svg', // the class attached to all images that should be inlined
  initClass: 'js-inlinesvg', // class added to <html>
}, function () {
  console.log('All SVGs inlined');

The callback is optional and is only fired if all the images in the selection are successfully inlined. On the other hand the initClass is applied after the first successful replacement.

The script will look for any <img> with a class that matches the svgSelector parameter and replace it with the SVG's source. Doing this enables you to manipulate the SVG with CSS and JavaScript.

<img id="logo" class="svg" src="/images/logo.svg" alt="Some awesome company" />
svg:hover path {
  fill: #c00;
// or
#logo:hover path {
  fill: #c00;

Any additional attributes (height, width, data-*, etc) will be copied to the SVG. For increased accessibility the script will also copy across the <img> alt text and add in an aria-labelledby attribute and <title> element to the SVG. If you give the <img> a longdesc attribute, a <desc> will also be added as per the W3C's guidelines on SVG accessibility.

For a live demo check out this example on CodePen. The demo is still there it's just way out of date and needs updating.


If you're using Bower to manage your front-end dependencies you can include this plugin as a component. Include "inline-svg": "2.2.3" in your bower.json file and run bower install.


If you're using NPM to manage your dependencies you can include this plugin as a module. Just run npm install inline-svg.


  • 05/05/16: 2.2.2 – Updated documentation.
  • 05/05/16: 2.2.2 – Fixed callback error if one is not defined.
  • 16/10/15: 2.2.1 – Fix for adding the initClass to the body each time an SVG is inlined.
  • 23/09/15: 2.2.0 – Fix in package.json for main field when using as a module and added callback support to know when replacement is complete.
  • 21/09/15: 2.1.5 – Removing to code that should never have made it to release.
  • 21/09/15: 2.1.4 – Version bump.
  • 21/09/15: 2.1.3 – Version bump.
  • 26/08/15: 2.1.2 – Removed localStorage. It just doesn't work that well when SVG's change etc.
  • 31/07/15: 2.1.1 – Added localStorage support to avoid making fresh HTTP request on every page load. When the contents of the SVG is loaded it is added to localStorage and then on repeat page loads the source is grabbed from localStorage.
  • 31/07/15: 2.0.1 - Major upgrade. Added AMD support and fixed a long standing issue that would result in a warning in Google Chrome as we weren't handling the GET requests asynchronously.
  • 18/06/15: 1.2.0 – Converted to a Node.js module
  • 19/03/15: 1.0.5 – Cleaning code to comply with Code Climate
  • 16/12/14: 1.0.4 – Updated README with new CodePen demo and added an extra line regarding browser support. Changed aria-label to aria-labelledby and also added role="img" for better accessibility.
  • 15/12/14: 1.0.3 – Updated bower.json version number.
  • 15/12/14: 1.0.2 – README updates to explain browser support.
  • 15/12/14: 1.0.1 – README updates to explain Bower integration.
  • 15/12/14: 1.0.0 – First major release: registered as a Bower plugin.

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