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Install with npm i -D inklecate.

This package is a wrapper around Inkle's inklecate tool for compiling and playing Ink stories. It will not compile for client-side execution in a browser.

There are some differences between inklecate and this package. One major difference is this library allows output to be cached and deleted automatically, then emitted over stdout from the CLI, or returned from the function if using the library. Logging is performed of errors, warnings, and author notes if a outputFilepath argument is provided. Otherwise, all these log items will be stored in the compilerOutput property of the returned object.

The inklecate binaries were written solely by Inkle and this package is released under the same license as Ink. That license is MIT at the time of this writing, but if it changes, the license of this package should be considered to follow it.

How to use

The inklecate package can be used either as the inklecate export of the module and as a command-line app.

CLI options:

  inklecate <options> ...<ink file(s)>

  -o, --outputFile <outputFile>: Output file name.
  -c: Count all visits to knots, stitches and weave points, not just those referenced by TURNS_SINCE and read counts.
  --verbose: Verbose mode - print compilation timings.
  --DEBUG: Enable debug logging for inklecate-node.

The arguments for the module's inklecate function:

function inklecate(args: {
  countAllVisits?: boolean;
  outputFilepath?: string;
  inputFilepath?: string;
}): Promise<InklecateReturn>;

The single positional argument is the input filepath.

If the output filepath argument is not provided, the file will be generated in a cache location and output as plain text JSON (in CLI mode) or a plain JavaScript object (as a node module).

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