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Inj is a KISS, require based dependency injector (DI) for node.js

  • no monkey patches
  • no autowire needed, just use require


To install from npm

npm install inj --save

Getting started

To use Inj, add a single line to any file into which dependencies are inject

// use Inj if container defined, othwerwise use require
require = require('inj')(module, require);

The above line is a noop unless a container is defined. If a dependency is registered with Inj resolve it, otherwise use require.

A container is nothing more than a hash object to contain objects, values and functions that can be looked up by name.

Application Dependency Injection

Inj starts with no containers. To register app wide dependencies, the root container first must be created and dependencies registered. The root container is a fallback container if a module-specific container is not defined. This will make more sense in the test example below.


// Create ROOT container and register dependencies
var root = require('inj').getSetRoot();

// $ naming convention emphasizes logical dependencies
root.register('$logger', function(name) { require('logger')(name); });
root.register('$connectionString', 'mysql://foo:password@localhost/db')



To use dependencies in store.js

require = require('inj')(module, require);
var log = require('$logger')('mymodule');
var connstr = require('$connectionString');

log.log("Connection string", connstr)

Using Depency Injection for Tests


require = require('inj')(module, require);

var fs = require('fs');
exports.text = fs.readFileSync(__dirname + './file.txt', 'utf8');


// first create container for `reader`
var inj = require('inj');
var container = inj.create(require.resolve('./reader'));

// register a mocked 'fs'
container.register('fs', {readFileSync: function() { return 'foo'; });

var a = require('./reader');
assert(a.text, 'foo');


CoffeeScript tries to autocreate a variable. The line above must be escaped as regular JavaScript

`require = require('inj')(module, require)`

MIT License

Copyright (c) 2013 Mario Gutierrez,

See the file LICENSE for copying permission.