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    Init is a new tool to quickly scaffold new projects. You can spot init projects by their .init file in the root of the GitHub project. It uses Nunjucks, a powerful templating engine powered by Jinja2. You can use any of the methods documented on the Nunjucks documentation.

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    We at Kreativgebiet saw Pollinate by EverySquare the other day. Since we liked the approach but didn't want to have a json file for every project we wanted to create something that prompts the user in real-time about the data it should insert.

    Disclaimer: Code heavily inspired by Pollinate


    To use the init command globally install it using the -g argument of the npm install command like this:

    npm install -g init-cli

    How it works

    Init uses Nunjucks to insert context data into the templates it grabs from GitHub (and soon other git sources and local folders). Use Nunjucks templating language (powered by Jinja2) to implement dynamic project scaffolds.

    How to use

    It's simple to use Init for scaffolding a new codebase for you next project. Simple search for a init template on GitHub and use the username/reponame to scaffold the project. Let's assume the username is kreativgebiet and the projectname is init-example. To scaffold a new project from this repository, simply use the following command:

    init kreativgebiet/init-example

    Since this feature isn't implemented, yet, you can initialize a new git repository with the following command and start developing with git.

    git init

    Basically just replace kreativgebiet with the username and scaffolder-example with the repository name.

    Options to be added

    In the future some options will be added to the project.

    • --no-init – initializing a new git project
    • --no-git – don't initialize anything on the folder
    • --hub repo-name – create a new public repository on github

    What's next?

    • Scaffolding from GitHub
    • Scaffolding from other git sources (GitLab, Bitbucket, etc.)
    • Scaffolding from a local folder
    • Scaffolding from an npm package
    • Scaffolding from for yeoman packages (not yet fixed)
    • Automatically exec git init on project scaffolding
    • Automatically create the first commit


    This project is owned by Kreativgebiet and licensed under MIT license




    npm i init-cli

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