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  • Custom content types
    • registered in the _config.json
    • residing in a directory of the content type name (_posts, _pages, _articles)
  • Custom taxonomy types
    • also registered in the _config.json
    • like tags or categories
  • Pagination
    • unlike Jekyll which only has pagination on the home page, Torpedo can paginate any page that registered pagination
    • in the page head-data, simply set the pagination key to a numerical value representing the number of content types on that page
  • Event driven
    • handlers can be added to transform content or create additional content at any point in the build cycle


  • ingen build
  • Create a site object that will hold all the content data
  • Read config file
  • Scan directories and gather all custom content data
  • Scan directories for all static files (non-custom content) that need to be copied
  • Meta program helper functions to iterate through all of the content data
  • Transform all files that contain bundled data (aka YAML front matter)
  • Render transformed files to the destination directory
  • Copy static files to the destination directory
  • done!


  • Site (has many Files)
  • File (belongs to Site)
  • Transformer
  • Permalink (date stuff)


  • files with JSON data at the beginning are always transformed
  • files matching a pattern may be transformed (e.g. *.css w/ autoprefixer)
  • all other files are simply copied


  • Used to convert a file from one format to another
    • matches (detect matching extension)
    • outputExt (define an output extension)
    • transform (the logic that converts the file)
  • Used to transform the contents of a file (like autoprefix the css)

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