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Infinity Snap

Delete half of your project files. Perfectly balanced, as all things should be.

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npm i -g infinity-snap


Just run infinity-snap in your current directory, or specify a path:

infinity-snap /


option alias description
--exclude regex -e Prevent files that match the regex from being deleted.
--path string -p The path of the directory to run the snap. Everything inside will be selected at random to be deleted.
--preserve-git -g Does not delete any files inside '.git' folders. Use this if you don't wish to screw your git repo so you can push the balanced code.
--verbose -v Enable logging the deleted files.
--help -h Prints the usage guide.
--version Prints the current software version.


Why would I need to use this?

You believe not all code is created equal, but no code is better than the other. The codebase is too big, and it's hard to maintain your project. You need a solution, a quick and effective one. But most of all, you need an impartial solution, one that won't benefit your code over your colleague's. You need a "snap".

Seriously, why did you create this?

Balance must be achieved by all means necessary. Imagine a world where half of the JavaScript frameworks don't exist? Wouldn't that be beautiful? Maybe that's what I should work next.

Can I prank people with this?

Sorry, but this isn't a prank tool. Yes, you can use this on your friend's computer, but it won't be much of a prank. Instead you'll be cleansing your friend's computer, enabling new files to be born and take over those who are gone. You're doing your friend a favor.

I deleted some really important files accidentally, how do I get them back?

You can download infinity-avengers to retrieve your deleted files back. You only have one chance in 14,000,605 though.

I don't want to use npm. How can I cleanse my computer?

You can use to run the exact same thing in bash. It's not as pretty, though. has been taken from hotvulcan's repo

Does it work on Windows?

This should work on unix systems. Maybe it works on Windows? I don't know. Try it on System32 and let me know.



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