Module driven development utilities.


infinite( pkgdir [, options ][, callback ] ) -> Promise

Infinite is a function which accomplishes two tasks with a packages directory, pkgdir:

  1. Installs NPM dependencies in all immediate subdirectories with a package.json file.
  2. Symlinks all non-conflicting subdirectories into the node_modules folder.

The callback is called when the process completes, possibly with an error. Infinite also returns a Promise that fulfills at the same time.

These are valid properties for options:

  • node_modules - A path relative to pkgdir that points to a directory the packages should be symlinked into. This directory is created if it does not exist. Defaults to ../node_modules.
  • production - This passes the --production flag to npm install, ensuring that no devDependencies are installed.
  • loglevel - This sets the NPM log level. Helpful if you are tired of those annoying NPM warnings.