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TypeScript library for procedurally generating 3D fantasy swords using ThreeJS.

This project was originally made as part of the August 2016 Reddit procedural generation challenge Found here: Reddit Challenge


npm install infiniforge

This package has three and lodash as peer dependencies. So, those will need to be installed too.


The code below imports the infiniforge library, generates a new sword model and writes it to local disk as a *.gltf file. The generate function takes a SwordGenerationParams object that specifies fields that affect the generator's behavior. Here we specify that we want the output to be glTF and we want the style of sword to be a long sword.

Please refer to this typescript file for the most comprehensive list of generator params.

// Generate random sword and write it to a file
const fs = require("fs");
const infiniforge = require("infiniforge");

const swordGenerator = new infiniforge.SwordGenerator();

    output: "gltf",
    style: "long",
  .then((sword) => {
    try {
      fs.writeFileSync("sword.gltf", JSON.stringify(sword));
    } catch (err) {

Building the Documentation

The documentation is generated using Typedoc:

npm run build:docs

Frequently asked questions

What is glTF?

Infiniforge exports 3D meshes as JSON in the glTF 2.0 (GL Transmission Format ) by Khronos Group. It is a royalty-free specification for the efficient transmission and loading of 3D scenes and models by applications. The spec is available here. This application uses a modified version of the GLTFExporter provided with ThreeJS.

What can I do with this?

Infiniforge output can be saved as a *.gltf file and used in a multitude of projects. Various importers are available from Khronos Group. For example, one could use this in a unity game by taking advantage of the UnityGLTF plugin. Also, glTF files can also be opened on windows 10 using the 3D Viewer application.


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