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    JavaScript library which let you use social share links without foreign scripts. Control all your data, protect your privacy.

    • Without foreign scripts.
    • Protect privacy.
    • Easy customizable with CSS and JS.
    • Works perfectly with Fontello.
    • Released under CC0 License.
    • Near 1 KB minified and gzipped.

    How to use

    1. Load indiesocial.js.
    2. Place element with id="indiesocial-init" where you want see buttons.
    3. Configure it.

    You can also install IndieSocial with bower...

    bower install indiesocial

    ...or npm, the package manager for JavaScript

    npm install indiesocial


    1. Enable social share links: data-indieSocialServices. Set to all if you want use all services.
    2. Add Fontello icons to share links: data-addFontelloIcon Possible values: true or false. Default: false.
    3. Add text to share links: data-addText Possible values: true or false. Default: false.
    4. Set URL for share: data-URL. Default: window.location.
    5. Set title: data-title. Not work with Google+, use OpenGraph.

    Supported services

    1. Facebook
    2. Twitter
    3. VK
    4. Odnoklassniki
    5. Google+
    6. FriendFeed
    7. LinkedIn
    8. Tumblr
    9. Blogger
    10. Diigo
    11. Reddit
    12. Delicious
    13. Digg
    14. StumbleUpon
    15. Pinterest
    16. Evernote
    17. Instapaper
    18. Hacker News


    npm i indiesocial

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