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IndexedDB Polyfill for Node 6

This is a fork of IndexedDBShim with the configuration changed to output a build optimised (using the babel-preset-node6 preset) for Node 6. The existing configuration outputs a single file using Grunt that doesn't work properly with NPM 3 (because it makes assumptions about node_modules) - this sidesteps the whole issue. It also removes the dependency on node-websql - not because it doesn't need it, but so that you can provide a custom implementation. So now you create it like so:

const openDatabase = require('websql');
const idbShim = require('indexeddbshim-node6')(openDatabase);

It also removes the dependency on babel-polyfill, as I don't think it needs it.


There's also a Rollup compatible version of the library that preserves the ES6 module declarations. Use it like so:

import idbShim from 'indexeddbshim/rollup-ready/node.js';

Safe to assume that this will work with node versions >=6, but probably not < 6.