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InChI for node.js

This module exposes the InChI API to node.js programs

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A high-level javascript api is exposed by default when you require('inchi').

The full InChI API is exposed via the variable inchilib.

See doc/ for the yuidoc-generated API documentation.


This distribution contains files under several licenses.

The InCHI code is found in these directories: INCHI-1-API, INCHI-1-BIN, INCHI-1-DOC, INCHI-1-TEST

InChI code is copyright to IUPAC and the InChI Trust and is distributed under the terms of the IUPAC/InChI Trust license, as detailed in INCHI-1-API/readme.txt and INCHI-1-API/LICENSE

The CppUnitLite code is found in the directory CppUnitLite. It is copyright to Keith Bauer and distributed under the terms of the zlib/libpng license, as detailed in CppUnitLite/license.txt

The remaining code (C++ files under src/ and src/test and javascript files under lib/) is copyright to Cubane Canada, Inc. and is distributed under the terms of the MIT License, as detailed in MIT-LICENSE.

It is my intention to release this code in a usable, open-source package. If there are any questions about licensing or relicensing, please contact me directly at

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