takes any imgur url and returns an array of direct image files


This is a simple module meant to extract image URLS from imgur pages in a standard format despite differences in URL format.


var impurge = require('impurge');
  impurge.purge("", function  (e,r) {

will result in: 

or for multiple images

var impurge = require('impurge');
  impurge.purge("", function  (e,r) {

will result in:

[ '',
  '' ]

It currently supports:

  • album urls:{HASH}
  • gallery urls:{HASH}
  • hash urls{HASH}
  • hash_url (multiple){HASH},{HASH},{HASH},
  • image_url{hash}.jpg?1

The test file included will check the currency of the regular expressions against live reddit data to ensure imgur is not changing link formats and will look for any it does not recognize.

A few additional methods that are used for testing the accuracy of the regex's:

impurge.is_imgur(url); //will output true if the url is imgur 

The following takes a string input and will return an array of imgur links contained within a text input:

impurge.get_text_imgur_links(text); // will return an array of links 

The following is a function to determine the link type (previously used internally)

impurge.determine_link_type(url, function(errtypeidi_url){
    //err is given if link is not recognized 
    //type is image_url, album_url, gallery_url, hash_url 
    //id is the id for the link (if applicable) 
    //i_url is the image url if this is a direct image