A sentient prompt.


A sentient prompt.

  • Prompts should be aware of the internet, and able to show relevant information from it.
  • Prompts should show relevant information when you need it, and nothing else.
  • Prompts should use colors so that they're visually easy to parse.
  • Prompts should be prompt. Performance is paramount.
  • Impromptu should be self-documenting.
  • Impromptu should be easily extensible.

Impromptu uses Grunt.

After checking out Impromptu, run npm install in the impromptu directory.

If you don't have the grunt-cli package installed globally, run npm install -g grunt-cli.

In the impromptu directory, run grunt to build and test Impromptu.

Run grunt watch to continually recompile the build and run tests.

Impromptu uses Mocha for testing. To run the test suite alone, run grunt mocha.

Copyright (c) 2013 Daryl Koopersmith & Evan Solomon Licensed under the MIT license.