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import-in-the-middle is an module loading interceptor inspired by require-in-the-middle, but specifically for ESM modules. In fact, it can even modify modules after loading time.


The API for require-in-the-middle is followed as closely as possible as the default export. There are lower-level addHook and removeHook exports available which don't do any filtering of modules, and present the full file URL as a parameter to the hook. See the Typescript definition file for detailed API docs.

You can modify anything exported from any given ESM or CJS module that's imported in ESM files, regardless of whether they're imported statically or dynamically.

import { Hook } from 'import-in-the-middle'
import { foo } from 'package-i-want-to-modify'

console.log(foo) // whatever that module exported

Hook(['package-i-want-to-modify'], (exported, name, baseDir) => {
  // `exported` is effectively `import * as exported from ${url}` += 1

console.log(foo) // 1 more than whatever that module exported

This requires the use of an ESM loader hook, which can be added with the following command-line option.


It's also possible to register the loader hook programmatically via the Node module.register() API. However, for this to be able to hook non-dynamic imports, it needs to be loaded before your app code is evaluated via the --import command-line option.


import * as module from 'module'

module.register('import-in-the-middle/hook.mjs', import.meta.url)
node --import=./my-loader.mjs ./my-code.mjs

When registering the loader hook programmatically, it's possible to pass a list of modules or file URLs to either exclude or specifically include which modules are intercepted. This is useful if a module is not compatible with the loader hook.

import * as module from 'module'

// Exclude intercepting a specific module by name
module.register('import-in-the-middle/hook.mjs', import.meta.url, {
  data: { exclude: ['package-i-want-to-exclude'] }

// Only intercept a specific module by name
module.register('import-in-the-middle/hook.mjs', import.meta.url, {
  data: { include: ['package-i-want-to-include'] }


  • You cannot add new exports to a module. You can only modify existing ones.
  • While bindings to module exports end up being "re-bound" when modified in a hook, dynamically imported modules cannot be altered after they're loaded.
  • Modules loaded via require are not affected at all.

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