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Immigration RethinkDB

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RethinkDB adapter for immigration.


npm install immigration-rethinkdb --save


The adapter will automatically create the db and table on first run.

immigration --use [ immigration-rethinkdb --config support/rethinkdb --table Migration ] up --new


  • host (string) The host to connect to
  • port (number) The port to connect on
  • db (string) The default database
  • user (string) The user account to connect as
  • password (string) The password for the user account to connect as
  • timeout (number) Timeout period in seconds for the connection to be opened
  • cert (string) An SSL CA certificate to use
  • connectOptions (Object) The exact RethinkDB connect options (overrides other options)
  • table (string) The table name for migrations to be persisted (created automatically)
  • config (string) An option path to resolve connectOptions from (E.g. require(...).connectOptions)