node package manager


Download Imgur albums to disk. Download all of a Redditor's albums to disk.


Download Imgur albums. Download all a Redditor's albums.

Download Imgur albums to disk
Usage: imgurgitate album_url
Usage: imgurgitate reddit_user

First install Node.js. Then install imgurgitate using the wonderful package manager npm distributed with Node.

npm -g install imgurgitate

The executable script imgurgitate will be installed in your path alongside node and npm, or on Windows to %appdata%\npm. See npm's folders(1)

Download an album:


Download all a Redditor's albums:


Clone this project:

git clone
cd imgurgitate

Install development dependencies (principally Iced CoffeeScript)

npm install --dev

Build the Coffeescripts to Javascript

icake build

Publish to npm registry

npm publish