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Get the difference between two images with minimal dependencies. It depends only on libpng.

Warning: img-diff is experimental. You can help us improve it by testing it and contributing!


Install: npm install img-diff


{imagesMatch} = require 'img-diff'
tolerance = 0.0 # percent allowed to be different 
image1 = '' # base64 png string 
image2 = '' # base64 png string 
imagesMatch image1image2tolerance

If the images don't match and are outside the tolerance, an error is thrown that contains both images as well as a diff image. The diff image can be saved to disk in order to see the difference.


{crop} = require 'img-diff'
image = '' # base64 png string 
section =
  x: 10
  y: 10
  width: 100
  height: 100
croppedImage = crop imagesection