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A library providing a simpler interface for common use cases of node-imap, a robust imap client for node.js.

This library is only currently fleshed out for the use case of retrieving email from an imap server.


var imaps = require('imap-simple');
var config = {
    imap: {
        user: 'your@email.address',
        password: 'yourpassword',
        host: 'imap.gmail.com',
        port: 993,
        tls: true,
        authTimeout: 3000
imaps.connect(config).then(function (connection) {
    return connection.openBox('INBOX').then(function () {
        var searchCriteria = [
        var fetchOptions = {
            bodies: ['HEADER', 'TEXT'],
            markSeen: false
        return connection.search(searchCriteria, fetchOptions).then(function (results) {
            var subjects = results.map(function (res) {
                return res.parts.filter(function (part) {
                    return part.which === 'HEADER';
            // =>
            //   [ 'Hey Chad, long time no see!',
            //     'Your amazon.com monthly statement',
            //     'Hacker Newsletter Issue #445' ]


Exported module

  • connect(<object> options, [<function> callback]) - Promise - Main entry point. Connect to an Imap server. Upon successfully connecting to the Imap server, either calls the provided callback with signature (err, connection), or resolves the returned promise with connection, where connection is an instance of ImapSimple. If the connection times out, either the callback will be called with the err property set to an instance of ConnectionTimeoutError, or the returned promise will be rejected with the same. Valid options properties are:

    • imap: Options to pass to node-imap constructor 1:1
    • connectTimeout: Time in milliseconds to wait before giving up on a connection attempt. (Deprecated: please use options.imap.authTimeout instead)
  • ImapSimple(<object> imap) - ImapSimple - constructor for creating an instance of ImapSimple. Mostly used for testing.

  • errors.ConnectionTimeoutError(<number> timeout) - ConnectionTimeoutError - Error thrown when a connection attempt has timed out.

ImapSimple class

  • openBox(<string> boxName, [<function> callback]) - Promise - Open a mailbox. If successful, either calls the provided callback with signature (err, boxName), or resolves the returned promise with boxName.

  • search(<object> searchCriteria, [<object> fetchOptions], [<function> callback]) - Promise - Search for and retrieve mail in the previously opened mailbox. The search is performed based on the provided searchCriteria, which is the exact same format as node-imap requires. All results will be subsequently downloaded, according to the options provided by fetchOptions, which are also identical to those passed to fetch of node-imap. Upon a successful search+fetch operation, either the provided callback will be called with signature (err, results), or the returned promise will be resolved with results. The format of results is detailed below. See node-imap's ImapMessage signature for information about attributes, which, size, and body. For any message part that is a HEADER, the body is automatically parsed into an object.

        // [{
        //      attributes: object,
        //      parts: [ { which: string, size: number, body: string }, ... ]
        //  }, ...]
  • end() - undefined - Close the connection to the imap server.


Pull requests welcome! This project really needs tests, so those would be very welcome. If you have a use case you want supported, please feel free to add, but be sure to follow the patterns established thus far, mostly:

  • support promises AND callbacks
  • make your api as simple as possible
  • don't worry about exposing implementation details of node-imap when needed

See CONTRIBUTING.md for more details about contributing.




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