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IMAP AutoConfig

Detect e-mail connection settings


Require imap-autoconfig

var autoconfig = require("imap-autoconfig");

Autoconfig object

Create new autoconfig object

var detector = autoconfig.createIMAPSettingsDetector(config);

Where config is an optional (if not set, predefined values will be used) configuration object with following properties:

  • disableCache - Disable caching & redis (defaults to false)
  • redis - Redis configuration object (host, port, db)
  • cacheExpire - Cache expiration in seconds for checked keys (set 0 for eternity, defaults to 24h)

Check connection settings

Check IMAP connection settings with autoconfig.detect

detector.detect(address, password, cached, callback)


  • address is the e-mail address to check
  • password is the password for the user
  • cached is a boolean indicator - if set to true, checks the data from a cache, otherwise checks the server
  • callback is the callback function to run with an error object and imap settings object


detector.detect("", "zzzzz", true, function(err, data){
    console.log(err || data);

Response data object has the following properties

  • host is the IMAP hostname
  • port is the port to the host
  • secure indicates if the connection should be started with SSL (usually true for port 993 and false for 143)
  • user indicates the format of the username, if it's %EMAIL% then, the IMAP username is also the email address, if it's %USER% then the local part of the user is the correct username, if it was unable to detect (password was not provided), it's set to false
  • expires if the result came from cache, then this property indicates when the cache will be expired

Example value

    host: '',
    port: '993',
    secure: 'true',
    user: '%EMAIL%',
    expires: Thu Aug 09 2012 11:43:14 GMT+0300 (EEST) // Date object, not a String value