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An npm/nodejs wrapper for imagesnap


imagesnap is an OSX tool for capturing webcam photos from the command line, written by Robert Harder. (Thanks!)

imagesnapjs is first a wrapper, for making imagesnap installation as easy as npm i -g imagesnapjs, and second, an npm dependency for capturing webcam shots from nodejs applications.

$ npm install -g imagesnapjs

see the original documentation or just type imagesnap -h.

$ npm install --save imagesnapjs
var imagesnapjs = require('imagesnapjs');
imagesnapjs.capture('/Users/dany/image.jpg', { cliflags: '-w 2'}, function(err) {
  console.log(err ? err : 'Success!');

The second options parameter is optional, and can include a cliflags value of additional command line flags to be passed to the imagesnap command execution.

  • this is OSX specific! execution of the binary will fail on other systems.
  • Using imageSnap v0.2.5