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    This module allows you to manipulate or generate random images.

    🖐️ Examples of use :

    // Import 'images-generator'
    const gen = require("images-generator");
    // Random cat image
    let catImage = await;
    console.log(catImage); // Output:
    // Random anime cuddle image
    let cuddleImage = await gen.anime.cuddle();
    console.log(cuddleImage); // Output:
    // Blur an image
    let imageUrl = "";
    let blurredImage = await gen.overlay.blur({image: imageUrl});
    console.log(blurredImage) // Output:
    // Create a Drake meme
    let drakeMemeImage = await gen.misc.drake({
        text1: "Using image APIs by yourself",
        text2: "Using this NPM package"
    console.log(drakeMemeImage); // Output:
    // Random anime boobs image (NSFW)
    let hentaiImage = await gen.nsfw.anime.boobs();
    console.log(hentaiImage); // Output:
    // Random real ass (NSFW)
    let assImage = await gen.nsfw.real.ass();
    console.log(assImage); // Output:

    💻 All methods :

    Note: In "Usage", we called the module as gen (const gen = require("images-generator")).

    📁️ Category 📝 Method 🧾 Description 📍 Usage
    Animal dog() Returns a dog image await
    Animal cat() Returns a cat image await
    Animal panda() Returns a panda image await gen.animal.panda()
    Animal redPanda() Returns a red panda image await gen.animal.redPanda()
    Animal bird() Returns a bird image await gen.animal.bird()
    Animal koala() Returns a koala image await gen.animal.koala()
    Animal duck() Returns a duck image await
    Animal shiba() Returns a shiba inu image await gen.animal.shiba()
    Animal bunny() Returns a bunny image await gen.animal.bunny()
    Animal fox() Returns a fox image await
    --- --- --- ---
    Anime wink() Returns an anime wink image await gen.anime.wink()
    Anime pat() Returns an anime pat image await gen.anime.pat()
    Anime hug() Returns an anime hug image await gen.anime.hug()
    Anime kiss() Returns an anime kiss image await gen.anime.kiss()
    Anime punch() Returns an anime punch image await gen.anime.punch()
    Anime slap() Returns an anime slap image await gen.anime.slap()
    Anime kill() Returns an anime kill image await gen.anime.kill()
    Anime cuddle() Returns an anime cuddle image await gen.anime.cuddle()
    Anime desktopWallpaper() Returns an anime desktop wallpaper await gen.anime.desktopWallpaper()
    Anime mobileWallpaper() Returns an anime mobile wallpaper await gen.anime.mobileWallpaper()
    Anime foxGirl() Returns an anime fox girl await gen.anime.foxGirl()
    Anime neko() Returns a neko image await gen.anime.neko()
    --- --- --- ---
    Miscellaneous youtubeComment(options) Creates a YouTube comment await gen.misc.youtubeComment({avatar: <imageUrl>, username: <username>, content: <commentContent>})
    Miscellaneous meme() Returns the title and the image of a meme await
    Miscellaneous pooh(options) Creates a Winnie-the-pooh meme await gen.misc.pooh({text1: <text1>, text2: <text2>})
    Miscellaneous drake(options) Creates a Drake meme await gen.misc.drake({text1: <text1>, text2: <text2>})
    Miscellaneous relationShip(options) Creates a relation ship image await gen.misc.relationShip({avatar1: <imageUrl1>, avatar2: <imageUrl2>})
    Miscellaneous bidenTweet(options) Makes Biden tweet anything await gen.misc.bidenTweet({content: <tweetContent>})
    Miscellaneous suprisedPikachu(options) Creates a surprised Pikachu meme await gen.misc.surprisedPikachu({content: <content>})
    Miscellaneous drip(options) Pretends you're rich by wearing a fake jacket await gen.misc.drip({avatar: <imageUrl>})
    Miscellaneous clown(options) This person is a clown await gen.misc.clown({avatar: <imageUrl>})
    Miscellaneous uncover(options) He was behind the wall all the time?! await gen.misc.uncover({image: <imageUrl>})
    Miscellaneous pet(options) Creates a pet-pet gif await{avatar: <imageUrl>})
    Miscellaneous mnm(options) Makes your image into a M&M's shape await gen.misc.mnm({avatar: <imageUrl>})
    Miscellaneous jokeOverHead(options) That guy doesn't get the joke! await gen.misc.jokeOverHead({avatar: <imageUrl>})
    Miscellaneous facts(options) Writes something in the Facts Book await gen.misc.facts({content: <factContent>})
    Miscellaneous iphoneAlert(options) Creates an important IPhone alert await gen.misc.iphoneAlert({content: <alertContent>})
    Miscellaneous caution(options) Creates a caution banner await gen.misc.caution({content: <cautionContent>})
    --- --- --- ---
    Overlay gay(options) Adds a rainbow overlay to your image await{image: <imageUrl>})
    Overlay glass(options) Adds a glass overlay to your image await{image: <imageUrl>})
    Overlay gtaWasted(options) Adds the 'GTA Wasted' overlay to your image await gen.overlay.gtaWasted({image: <imageUrl>})
    Overlay triggered(options) Adds the 'Triggered' effect to your image await gen.overlay.triggered({image: <imageUrl>})
    Overlay colorify(options) Colors your image with the choosen color await gen.overlay.colorify({image: <imageUrl>, color: <colorHexCode>})
    Overlay blur(options) Blurs your image await gen.overlay.blur({image: <imageUrl>})
    Overlay invert(options) Inverts your image colors await gen.overlay.invert({image: <imageUrl>})
    Overlay grey(options) Grays your image await gen.overlay.grey({image: <imageUrl>})
    --- --- --- ---
    [NSFW] Real anal() Returns an anal image await gen.nsfw.real.anal()
    [NSFW] Real fourk() Returns a 4k image await gen.nsfw.real.fourk()
    [NSFW] Real ass() Returns an ass image await gen.nsfw.real.ass()
    [NSFW] Real pornGif() Returns a porn GIF await gen.nsfw.real.pornGif()
    [NSFW] Real pussy() Returns a pussy image await gen.nsfw.real.pussy()
    [NSFW] Real thigh() Returns a thighs image await gen.nsfw.real.thighs()
    [NSFW] Real boobs() Returns a boobs image await gen.nsfw.real.boobs
    --- --- --- ---
    [NSFW] Anime boobs() Returns an image of anime boobs await gen.nsfw.anime.boobs()
    [NSFW] Anime hentai() Returns a hentai image await gen.nsfw.anime.hentai()
    [NSFW] Anime lesbian() Returns an image of lesbian porn await gen.nsfw.anime.lesbian()
    [NSFW] Anime ass() Returns an anime ass image await gen.nsfw.anime.ass()
    [NSFW] Anime thighs() Returns an image of anime thighs await gen.nsfw.anime.thighs()
    [NSFW] Anime lewd() Returns a lewd image await gen.nsfw.anime.lewd()
    [NSFW] Anime feet() Returns an image of anime feet await gen.nsfw.anime.feet()
    [NSFW] Anime pussy() Returns an anime pussy image await gen.nsfw.anime.pussy()
    [NSFW] Anime tits() Returns an image of anime tits await gen.nsfw.anime.tits()
    [NSFW] Anime bdsm() Returns an image of anime bdsm await gen.nsfw.anime.bdsm()
    [NSFW] Anime cum() Returns an image of anime cum await gen.nsfw.anime.cum()
    [NSFW] Anime femdom() Returns an image of anime femdom await gen.nsfw.anime.femdom()
    [NSFW] Anime maid() Returns an image of anime maid porn await gen.nsfw.anime.maid()
    [NSFW] Anime orgy() Returns an image of anime orgy await gen.nsfw.anime.orgy()
    [NSFW] Anime panties() Returns an anime panties image await gen.nsfw.anime.panties()
    [NSFW] Anime blowjob() Returns an image of anime blowjob await gen.nsfw.anime.blowjob()
    [NSFW] Anime ugly() Returns an image of ugly anime person porn await gen.nsfw.anime.ugly()
    [NSFW] Anime uniform() Returns an image of anime girl porn in uniform await gen.nsfw.anime.uniform()
    [NSFW] Anime gangBang() Returns an image of anime gang-bang await gen.nsfw.anime.gangBang()
    [NSFW] Anime glasses() Returns an image of anime girl with glasses await gen.nsfw.anime.glasses()
    [NSFW] Anime tentacles() Returns an image of tentacles hentai await gen.nsfw.anime.tentacles()
    [NSFW] Anime masturbation() Returns an image of anime masturbation await gen.nsfw.anime.masturbation()
    [NSFW] Anime yuri() Returns an image of yuri porn await gen.nsfw.anime.yuri()
    [NSFW] Anime succubus() Returns an image of succubus await gen.nsfw.anime.succubus()
    [NSFW] Anime school() Returns an image of sexy anime school girl await


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