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Wrapper for misc. image processors


Wrapper for miscellaneous linux image utilities.

Implemented at the moment are jpegtran, jpegoptim, pngquant, pngout and imagemagick resize.

Or alternatively use smushit,

var opti = require('path/to/imageopti');

var vow = opti(file or dir [, [options]])


        //png: 'optipng', // str
        png: ['pngquant', 'optipng'], //or array
        jpg: 'jpegtran', //or jpegoptim, or both as an array
        ,destDir: '' //where to save the modified files, falsy is replace
        // recurse: true,
        // resize: {w: 100, h: 100}
        // ,smushit: true //if true all processing goes through smushit
        ,quality: 50 //for jpegoptim only
        ,min: 60, max: 80 //for pngquant
        ,colors: 256 //for pngquant
        ,concurrent: 1 //number of concurrent processes
		//if concurrent is falsy everything will be async
        ,verbose: true 

The returned vow promises an object such as:

{ log: [list of messages describing what happened],
  size: { original: 437851, current: 437851 },
  savings: 0 }