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Rotates a 2D ndarray


Rotates and translates a 2D ndarray.

//Load input image 
var baboon = require("luminance")(require("baboon-image"))
//Allocate storage for result 
var result = require("zeros")([512, 512])
//Rotate the image 
require("image-rotate")(result, baboon, Math.PI / 6.0)
//Save the result 
require("save-pixels")(result, "png").pipe(process.stdout)

Install using npm:

npm install image-rotate

Rotates an image clockwise by theta radians about the point iX,iY in the source image and translated to the point oX,oY in the output image.

  • output is an array that gets the output of rotating the image
  • input is the image which is rotated
  • theta is the amount to rotate by in radians
  • iX,iY is the point to rotate about (default center of input)
  • oX,oY is the image of the point to rotate about in output image (default center of output)

Returns output

(c) 2013 Mikola Lysenko. MIT License