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Get pixel data for a given URL, path, buffer, canvas, image or any other source. Intented for image based tests, first of all.


$ npm install image-pixels

var pixels = require('image-pixels')
// load single source
var {data, width, height} = await pixels('lena.png')
// load multiple sources in parallel
var [a, b, c] = await pixels.all([
    { source: './b.png', cache: false },


let {data, width, height} = await pixels(source, options?, cb?)

Loads pixel data from a source based on options. Possibly provide a callback for old-style async calls. Function returns a promise that gets resolved once the source is ready, so that is handy for await call.

In browser the result is ImageData object to easily output to context:

    .putImageData(await pixels('lena.png'))


Type Meaning
url, path Relative/absolute path.
data-uri, base64 String with encoded or raw pixel data. Raw data requires options.shape. Encoded data may require options.type to skip mime type detection.
HTMLImageElement, SVGImageElement, HTMLVideoElement, CSSImageValue DOM/SVG image elements.
Image, ImageData, ImageBitmap Browser image data containers.
File, Blob Encoded image data.
Canvas, Context2D 2D drawing context, browser-only.
WebGLContext GL context, node/browser.
Buffer, ArrayBuffer, Uint8Array, Uint8ClampedArray Raw or encoded pixel data. Raw data requires options.shape. For encoded data options.typeskips mime type detection. Supported formats: png, bmp, gif, jpg.
Float32Array, Float64Array, Array, Array of arrays Float pixel data with values from 0..1 range.
Promise Promise expecting resolution to an image source.
ndarray Ndarray container with pixel data, compatible with get-pixels.
options object If source argument is omitted, it is taken from options.source, useful for pixels.all.


Option Meaning
source Source data, one from the list above. Applicable for multiple sources.
shape or width/height Input raw data shape [width, height].
type/mime Mime type, optional for raw data to skip detection.
clip Clipping rectangle, [left, top, right, bottom] or {x?, y?, width?, height?}.
cache Cache loaded data for the source/url for faster subsequent fetch.

let list|dict = await pixels.all(list|dict, options?)

Load multiple sources or dict of sources in parallel. options can provide common for every source options.

// load font atlas sprite dict
var atlas = require('font-atlas')({chars: 'abc', step: [10, 10], shape: [20, 20]})
var dict = await pixels({
    a: {clip: [0,0,10,10]},
    b: {clip: [10,0,10,10]},
    c: {clip: [0,10,10,10]}
}, {cache: true, source: atlas})

Related packages

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  • image-equal − assert image with baseline.

Similar packages

  • get-pixels − get ndarray with pixel data, limited set of sources.
  • ndarray-from-image − get-pixels with dtype.
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  • get-image-data − get image data for Canvas/Image/Video elements, browser-only.
  • readimage − read pixels data into an array in sync fashion in node.


© 2018 Dmitry Yv. MIT License.

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