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A wrapper around block-hash to easily hash a local or remote file with Node.


npm i -S image-hash


const imageHash = require('image-hash');
// remote file simple 
imageHash('', 16, true, (error, data) => {
  if (error) throw error;
  // 0773063f063f36070e070a070f378e7f1f000fff0fff020103f00ffb0f810ff0 
// remote file with requestjs config object 
const config = {
  uri: ''
imageHash(config, 16, true, (error, data) => {
  if (error) throw error;
  // 0773063f063f36070e070a070f378e7f1f000fff0fff020103f00ffb0f810ff0 
//local file 
imageHash('./_95695590_tv039055678.jpg', 16, true, (error, data) => {
  if (error) throw error;
  // 0773063f063f36070e070a070f378e7f1f000fff0fff020103f00ffb0f810ff0 


// name
imageHash(location, bits, precise, callback)

// types
imageHash(string|object, int, bool, function)

Image-Hash Arguments

Argument Type Description Mandatory Example
location object or string A RequestJS Object or String with a valid url or file location Yes see above
bits int The number of bits in a row. The more bits, the more unique the hash. Yes 8
precise bool Whether a precision algorithm is used. true Precise but slower, non-overlapping blocks. false Quick and crude, non-overlapping blocks. Method 2 is recommended as a good tradeoff between speed and good matches on any image size. The quick ones are only advisable when the image width and height are an even multiple of the number of blocks used. Yes true
callback function A function with error and data arguments - see below

Callback Arguments

Argument Type Description
error Error Object or null If a run time error is detected this will be an Error Object, otherwise null
data string or null If there is no run time error, this be will be your hashed result, otherwise null


I will get some Mocha tests soon!


The hard bit of this comes with thanks from commonsmachinery for blockhash-js


Distributed under an MIT license