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    Remove duplicate images from the two given directories recursively

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    Too many images that are the same but might have different dates and other metadata. This tool compares images based on the following criteria:

    • SHA-256 hash of the file, since v0.1.0
    • File size in bytes, will be in v0.2.0
    • Width and height, will be in v0.4.0
    • Bit depth, will be in v0.5.0
    • Number of unique colors, will be in v0.6.0
    • Image contents comparison, will be in v0.7.0

    The idea is to start from stronger method, while progressing towards a weaker method.

    Please note that the minimum supported version of Node.js is 10.13.0, which is the active Long Term Support (LTS) version.

    Underneath SQLite is used for storing any meta information about the files, as sometimes the amount of files to compare is huge.

    It will be possible to reuse the resulting database file and skip reading the files, in the v0.2.0 release. Reading the information from image file is the most time consuming part within the execution of this tool.


    Starting with version 0.3.0, additional tools are needed.

    Make sure to have GraphicsMagick (minimum version 1.3.18) available in the PATH. It can be installed for example in Mac via Brew:

    brew install graphicsmagick

    In Ubuntu it is usually available via:

    sudo apt-get install graphicsmagick

    Windows users could download an installer package.

    Now install the command line tool globally, which might need increased privileges:

    [sudo] npm install --global image-duplicate-remover

    Please note that while in Linux and with sudo, some of the dependencies might fail to install, which can be fixed in some case by sudo npm install --global --unsafe-perm image-duplicate-remover. See more details at

    Command line options

    The available command line options can be seen via command:

    image-duplicate-remover --help

    The output will be something similar to:

    image-duplicate-remover [options] <primary directory> <secondary directory>
      -h, --help             Help and usage instructions
      -V, --version          Version number
      -v, --verbose          Verbose output, will print which file is currently being processed
      -D, --database String  SQLite database to use
      -S, --skip-reading     Skip reading the directories, just use the existing database. Requires database
      -n, --dry-run          Try it out without actually removing anything
    Version 0.2.0

    Example commands

    The following command shows how two folders are compared, but nothing will be removed since the --dry-run option is used.

    image-duplicate-remover -vn a b


    First thing to do is to file an issue.

    "A Beginner's Guide to Open Source: The Best Advice for Making your First Contribution".

    Also there is a blog post about "45 Github Issues Dos and Don’ts".

    Linting is done with ESLint and can be executed with npm run lint. There should be no errors appearing after any JavaScript file changes.

    npm install
    npm run lint

    Automated testing is done against Ubuntu Trusty at Travis CI and Windows at AppVeyor.

    Unit tests are written with tape and can be executed with npm test. Code coverage is inspected with nyc and can be executed with npm run coverage after running npm test. Please make sure it is over 90% at all times.

    Version history

    • v0.3.0 (2020-06-03)
      • Minimum Node.js version lifted from 8.11.1 to 10.13.0
      • Run tests also against Node.js version 14. Now versions 10 (Travis), 12 (AppVeyor), and 14 (Travis) of Node.js are covered
    • v0.2.3 (2019-05-29)
      • Update dependencies to avoid any security issues
      • Update tested GraphicsMagick to version 1.3.31
    • v0.2.2 (2018-12-19)
      • Use npm-shrinkwrap.json for locking the working set of 3rd party dependencies
      • Previous migration from node-sqlite3 to better-sqlite3 was not properly tested #25
      • Renamed the column sha256 to hash in the database table files
    • v0.2.1 (2018-08-13)
      • Switched from using node-sqlite3 to better-sqlite3 #15
    • v0.2.0 (2018-05-14)
      • Enable the use of existing SQLite database
      • Use filesize to find matches too, when sha256 was not a match
      • Minimum Node.js version lifted from 4.2.0 to 8.11.1
    • v0.1.0 (2017-02-07)
      • Gets the job simply done with SHA-256 :neckbeard: checking, hence first release. Released 6 months late.


    Licensed under the MIT license.

    Copyright (c) Juga Paazmaya


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