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Image Compare

Image Compare is a lightweight, standalone and offline application to visually compare two images and highlight their differences. This application can be used in desktop computers and mobile phones without requiring installation as it runs entires in a web browser. Image Compare is an open source software developed and maintained by the VGG Oxford.

More details about Image Compare software application is available in the following websites:

The latest version of Image Compare software application is available at:


  • Offline : Can be used without an active internet connection.
  • Open Source : Complete freedom to use this application or modify its source code.
  • Standalone : No installation is required as the application runs entirely in a web browser.
  • Visualisations : Several ways to visualise the similarity and difference between images.
  • Light Weight : The full application is less than 2Mb in size and therefore is faster to load and easier to share.
  • Advanced Mode : Choose geometric transformation (e.g. similarity, affine, thin-plate spline, etc.)

Use Cases

See which shows the application of Image Compare software for the following:

  • Art Restoration : Identify the changes caused by art restoration process
  • Digital Collation : Compare different editions of the same book and identify variants
  • Photograph : Identify alteration in digital photographs
  • Satellite : Identify changes in satellite imagery
  • Music : Identify variants in music sheet

NodeJS Installation

Use the package manager npm to install image compare.

npm install image-compare --save


const imageCompare = require('image-comparison-vgg');

imageCompare.initialization().then(load => {
    imageCompare.matching('./images/case-1.jpeg', './images/case-2.jpeg', imageCompare.mode[2]).then(percent => {
        console.log('Match Percent(%)', percent);

// using async await
(async () => {
    await imageCompare.initialization();
    let percent = await imageCompare.matching('./images/case-3.jpeg', './images/case-4.jpeg', imageCompare.mode[2]);
    console.log('Match Percent(%)', percent);


Image Compare software application is developed and maintained by Prasanna Sridhar, Abhishek Dutta and Andrew Zisserman.

Development and maintenance of the Image Compare software has been supported by the VisualAI research grant.

Contact Prasanna Sridhar for any queries or feedback related to this software application.



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