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    Check the quality of an image for defects including blur, under-exposure, over-exposure and low contrast.

    Can be used via node.js as a command line tool or as a library.

    status - !in development!

    image-checker is in very early stages of development (Windows, Linux Ubuntu) following semantic versioning.

    Please come back later!

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    Node.js seems to lack a library that indicates the quality of an image.

    Hopefully using this library/cli, you can save some time spent on manually inspecting photos!


    • Node 8.11.3 or higher

    features (in development!)

    • library to give quality measurements of a given image
    • also can be used as CLI (command line tool)
    • gives a score for the following quality measures:
      • blurring (via edge width detection)
      • under exposure (via histogram)
      • over exposure (via histogram)
      • low contrast (via histogram)

    possible future features


    • face alignment (e.g. are eyes horizontal)
    • Face not centered
    • Face out of frame
    • Faces detected, but no strong sentiment


    • dpi not high enough for A4 or photo print
    • check exif for presence of sRGB

    usage - as cli (command line tool)

    1 Install dependencies


    • Yarn
    • Node 8.3.11 (or higher)

    2 Check images

    3 ways to run

    You can run image-checker in one of three ways:

    • a) as a globally installed command line tool (this is the easiest way)
    • OR b) as an npm package inside an npm project
    • OR c) from the source code
    a) install globally as a command line tool

    npm i -g image-checker@latest --production

    On Ubuntu, you may need administrator permissions via sudo:

    sudo npm i -g image-checker@latest --production

    To use:

    image-checker <path to image>

    OR b) from the npm package

    Install inside your npm project:

    yarn add image-checker

    via bash script:

    node_modules/image-checker/dist/lib/cli.js <path to image>

    OR via node:

    node node_modules/image-checker/dist/lib/main <path to image>

    OR c) from the source code

    On Windows: use a bash shell like git bash.

    To test your installation:


    To check your images:

    ./ <path to image>


    ./ ../myPhotos/photo-1.jpg

    To see more detailed usage info:


    usage - as a library in a node based project

    Install inside your npm project:

    yarn add image-checker

    Then in TypeScript, you can import the library:

    import * as ic from "image-checker";

    // TODO xxx

    For a working example, see the library test harness.


    site URL
    source code (github)
    github page

    developing code in this repository

    see the contributing readme.


    This project is based on the excellent seeder project typescript-library-starter.

    ORIGINAL readme (from the seeder project)

    see here


    Original work by Sean Ryan - mr.sean.ryan(at

    licence = MIT

    This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details


    npm i image-checker

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