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A node.js library that leverages ImageMagick to turn images into RGBA arrays (Uint8Arrays).


npm install im-decode

im-decode requires ImageMagick CLI tools to be installed. There's plenty of ways to install ImageMagick, choose what's right for you.


var decode = require('im-decode');
decode(imageBuffer, function(err, rgbaArray) {
  // do something 

decode(image, [dimensions], callback)

  • image Buffer
  • dimensions (optional) Array of dimensions in the form [w, h], i.e. [640, 480]
  • callback Function(Error, Uint8Array)

Returns a Uint8Array when provided an image as a Buffer. Passing in a dimensions Array is optional, but will provide a slight speed improvement (~7% speed increase for 640x480 images was seen in testing). The speed improvement is due to the nature of knowing the size of the end result Buffer vs continually creating new Buffers of ever increasing size. At least that's my assumption without diving into it any deeper.