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    iloa is Samoan for knowing

    iloa is a powerful tool for gaining knowledge from the command line. It queries DuckDuckGo, Encyclopedia of Life, Weather Underground, Wikipedia, Wolfram|Alpha, and more through meta-searches. See the wiki for more info.


    Looking for testers on OSX. Developed and tested on Linux. Works on Windows, see Windows below. Supported Node.js versions:

    • 7.x
    • 6.x
    • 5.x
    • 4.x - Works but it's really slow


    Linux installation

    To initialize the config file and load themes, your NODE_PATH environment variable must point to the lib/node_modules directory of the Node.js installation. You can set this path automatically like this:

    export NP=$(which node)
    export BP=${NP%bin/node} #this replaces the string '/bin/node'
    export LP="${BP}lib/node_modules"
    export NODE_PATH="$LP"

    Provided these lines are towards the end of the shell initialization file (at least after any NVM stuff) this should work for a system installation of Node.js and nvm.

    Add all of this to .bashrc, .zshrc, etc. then:

    npm install -g iloa
    iloa config init

    Windows installation

    I highly recommend using nodist to install Node.js on Windows. It automatically sets %NODE_PATH% for you, though you may have to edit it to make sure it doesn't contain itself (i.e. C:......\node_modules;%NODE_PATH%). If you install Node.js manually, npm install --global leximaven will install the package in C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\npm\node_modules. And if you just do npm install leximaven then it will install the package to a subfolder of the Node.js installation, but that won't be the NODE_PATH folder unless you manually set it. Either way, you're going to have to mess around with Windows environment variables to get it to work. And don't forget to put your API keys into an environment variables.

    As for getting the ANSI color escape codes to work, Cmder seems to be the easiest way. It doesn't install a full linux environment like Cygwin, but you can still use some linux commands like which, cat, and ls.


    iloa has a built-in help system for CLI parameters and options. Access it with iloa -h|--help [command] [subcommand]. There is also the wiki.

    Here are some examples:

    // Get DuckDuckGo instant answers for Infected Mushroom
    iloa duck 'Infected Mushroom'
    // Get Encyclopedia of Life pages for Homo sapiens
    iloa life page 327955 -n -d -m -y -r -x
    // Get Weather Underground conditions and forecast for Tampa Knight Airport
    iloa weather -e conditions,forecast KTPF
    // Get Wolfram|Alpha computation of doppler shift
    iloa wolfram 'doppler shift'
    // Get Wikipedia article for George Gurdjieff
    iloa wikipedia 'George Gurdjieff'

    See the tests for more.


    The following links can help you use iloa or perform related tasks.




    MIT ©️ 2017 Andrew Prentice

    Powered by

    DuckDuckGo, Encyclopedia of Life, Weather Underground, Wikipedia, and Wolfram|Alpha


    Take Command

    See take-command.


    npm i iloa

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