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Igor Szyporyn Jørgensen

Igor Szyporyn Jørgensen

Senior Front End Developer


javascript   typescript   nodejs   react   sencha extjs



$ npx isj


A few links about me

  • My best online read ever: More Padding, Please!

    I wanted to hug the author after reading.

  • My most useful site(s): Google & Typescript React Cheat Sheet

    Wanted to have only one - but then it would just be google.com, and I have to admit that I use google a lot - why should I spend time solving a problem someone has already encountered before, and probably solved.

  • My favorite NPM package: storybook

    I just love this tool!

  • My go-to framework react

    Whats not to love - really?

  • My first IDE/editor - FrontPage

    Well I say IDE - it was Frontpage... ok next topic

  • My current IDE - VSC

    Still using a MS product 20+ years later I just realised

    "hahahaha coding in VSC without a mind-reading plugin" - me in 20 years probably

  • The first search engine url I can remember using (if I can even remember it right)

    https://www.astalavista.box.sk - just looked it up, re-launched and looks quite dark-web like...

  • That weird weird URL that you go to - often, for some reason well... open it

    Pretty sure you now read this and expected to get Rick Rolled - if you even clicked


What I have "put out there" (on npm that is)

I only have 3 NPM packages that I have released as I think you have to have something to offer before you takeup a namespace.

I personally believe these 3 packages to be useful - but others may differ in opinion (well thats what I learnt from putting it on social media at least)




One situation arose one day at work where I had a tab open of a product we were working on for my local, development, staging and demo.

This prompted me to make a crude version of this utility, which then grew a little and was just fun to mess around with.

I decided for it to make sense it had to be lightweight (could be smaller I know), and have 0 dependencies.

It weights in at 3.3KB, and 1.3KB gzipped.




I've had a weird inexplicible urge to create a button like the one Netflix uses to countdown to next episode automatically loading.

The component plays very well with Material UI etc.. well you can read all that from the links.

This repo has a storybook online you can check out as well (this uses my last package storybook-facelift).




I really like storybook - but for a tool that is supposed to present UI, it has some lackings.

And since the only available pendant out there was storybook-dark-mode (and I had certain personal requirements of storybook) - I made this addon.

Also it was good fun making it, and learning about how something you use a lot works is always a good idea.



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